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6 Common Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

There are a lot of common misconceptions about plumbing. Some of this is caused by marketing, some by untrustworthy internet sources, and some by simple misunderstanding of how plumbing works. To help you avoid damage to plumbing fixtures or your home, we’re sharing some of the most common plumbing mistakes that you should avoid.

Using Chlorine Tablets to Clean the Toilet

Chlorine tablets seem like a convenient way to keep the toilet clean. However, they tend to disintegrate and become stuck in the flush valve, causing the flushing system to malfunction.

Keeping Supplies Under the Sink

Many people store cleaning supplies under their kitchen or bathroom sinks. But jamming the under sink area with bottles, sprays and sponges can bump and dislodge pipes, causing leaks and damage.

Failing to Regularly Inspect Hoses

It’s important to routinely check the hoses on household appliances like washing machines and ice makers. If you notice a crack, twist or bulge, you can get the hose replaced before it bursts or leaks, causing even greater damage.

Dumping Grease Down the Drain

Pouring grease from beef and bacon down the drain seems harmless. The grease is liquid, right? Yes – for now. When it cools, it will harden and clog the pipes.

Ignoring Water Around the Toilet

If you notice even a small amount of water around the base of your toilet, that’s a good sign that the wax ring seal is leaking. Call a plumbing technician to have it repaired, or you risk rot and mold in the subfloor beneath the bathroom floor.

Making DIY Plumbing Repairs

There are many basic plumbing repairs that can be made without calling a plumber. However, for big problems or projects, we highly recommend that you call an experienced plumbing technician. By trying to make a repair on your own, you could make the problem worse – and cost more than if you’d called in an expert in the first place.

For 20 years, Awesome Drain Cleaning and Waterline Repair has been helping homeowners and businesses in Virginia Beach with water fixture installation and repair. We serve communities throughout Virginia, including Newport News, Yorktown, Suffolk, Portsmith, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hampton, and more.

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