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Plumbing Services

Plumbing services include a wide range of repairs that happen inside and outside the home. For example, you may need the installation of fixtures such as faucets or a toilet. Other types of repairs may be fixing a leaking water heater or replacing a piece of a broken pipe. However, outdoor plumbing installations and repairs are options, too.

Those with yards may have sprinkler systems that need connecting to the main plumbing of the house. You may also need to install hose bibs or water sillcocks outside your home. These reduce the distance you have to drag a hose around your home to water your lawn.

As with any plumbing services, you shouldn't try to do the work on your own. You may not correctly repair the damage or install a plumbing fixture to meet inspection codes. Let one of our professionals handle all the plumber services that you need inside or outside your home.

Outdoor plumbing installations may include installing an outside water sillcock. These valves give you a place outside to access your home's water. You may connect a garden hose or an outdoor sprinkler to these valves.

With their exposure to the elements, water sillcocks may need to have a specialty frost-free design. Preventing freezing of these valves can save you hundreds of dollars in water bills from a broken pipe in the winter.

Another addition to a sillcock to protect your home is a backflow preventer. These devices prevent a drop in pressure from suctioning dirt from the water hose or sprinkler system connected to the sillcock into your home's drinking water.


For the correct placement of an outside water sillcock on your home's exterior, trust Awesome Drain Cleaning and Water Line Repair, LLC. This is only one service that we provide among the many other plumbing installations and repairs. Whether you need indoor or outdoor installations or repairs of plumbing fixtures, contact us.

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